Support Networks

Starting as a newly appointed consultant is both exciting and challenging. Many SEM roles are not always in established organisations and lack support structures, meaning new SEM consultants can end up working in isolation and feeling unsupported. Peer to peer support networks can be invaluable and are a key element of Out of the Blocks.


The Faculty runs a mentoring scheme for new consultants that pairs you with an experienced SEM consultant who can offer guidance and advice. Find out more about the mentoring programme and apply by reaching out to

Local Leads

Our Local Leads can help facilitate, advise, and discuss local issues. This is helpful for a new consultant moving to a new location, learning about local services/initiatives or sourcing local medical resources.

  • Scotland – Alethea McHardy
  • Northern Ireland – Michael Webb
  • Wales – Rhodri Martin
  • North East – Ian Blain
  • North West – Jim Kerss
  • East – Suntharalingam Kulothungan
  • Yorkshire – Dane Vishnubala
  • Midlands – Philippa Turner
  • South West – Guy Evans
  • London & South East – Sonia Bains

WhatsApp Group

When you join the initiative, you will be also invited to join a WhatsApp group. This is a national forum for new SEM consultants to raise issues, ask questions, network and get rapid peer to peer advice. Read the message group rules here.