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Our Publications

Whether you are looking for further information on how effective exercise and physical activity can be in the prevention and management of common conditions, or you are looking for guidelines on the recognition and management of concussion, the Faculty has produced and supported several useful publications. 

Modernising Musculoskeletal and Physical Activity Medicine

This report from the Faculty contains an evidence-based assessment of the NHS from a workforce planning perspective, as well as an outline of the role SEM consultants could play in musculoskeletal care.

Moving Medicine – Supporting hospital associated deconditioning and rehabilitation agendas

The Moving Medicine initiative and resources offer a unique way to help change the way healthcare professionals talk to their patients, changing from a system that asks ‘what’s the matter with you?’ to ‘What matters to you?’.

Exercise Prescription Booklet

This series of cases, Exercise Prescription in Health and Disease, has been written by 16 consultants, doctors and experts, including Fellows and Members of the FSEM, and has been edited by Dr Patrick O’Halloran and Dr Gurjit Bhogal. 

Physical Activity and Exercise Medicine

This publication provides background information, a case for change and recommendations to encourage more people to be more active more of the time. It is authored by Fellow of the Faculty and Past President Professor Mark Batt.

A Fresh Approach

This publication has been produced as part of a programme to promote Sport and Exercise Medicine in the NHS which is being led by NHS North West.

A Fresh Approach in Practice

This publication features a diverse range of SEM services which highlights the opportunities to commission new services to positively improve health and health economics in the NHS.

Concussion Guidelines for the Education Sector

All concussions must be taken seriously to safeguard the health and welfare of children and young people. Failing to do so can have serious consequences including, in extremely rare cases, death.

FSEM UK MSK US Guidelines

These guidelines have been produced in conjunction with the British Society of Skeletal Radiologists (BSSR).

Published Articles

Our Registrars, Fellows and Members regularly publish articles in the British Journal of Sports Medicine BJSM.

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