About our Strategy

Our Strategy for 2022-25 is built upon our enduring vision ‘to improve the health of the nation through physical activity’. As we work towards this vision through our three objectives, we will be guided by our values; to unite, to grow and to support.

We are an increasingly diverse Faculty. We work in different areas, in different specialties and different disciplines. But whether you work through the inspiration of elite sport, through the understanding that physical activity is dependent on musculoskeletal health, or through promoting physical activity in healthcare for the prevention and treatment of disease, we are all united by our shared vision. Celebrating our differences, while remembering our shared purpose, is at the heart of the thinking behind this strategy.

In 2023, we updated our Strategy to reflect the progress we had already made towards achieving our goals.


Improve the health of the nation through physical activity


Develop a strong, unified voice in the sport, exercise, and musculoskeletal medicine community


Grow, Unite, Support.


The creation of this Strategy was guided by the views of our membership, as expressed though a comprehensive survey of Members and Fellows, conducted in January 2022. We are extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us. Your ideas, comments and opinions were instrumental in shaping our goals and defining our priorities for the coming years.