Honorary Fellows of FSEM

The Faculty awards Honorary Fellows who have made an outstanding contribution to Sport and Exercise Medicine across their lifetime or career. This category is not open to applications. See the list of FSEM’s Honorary Fellows.

Title First Name Last Name Start Date
Dr Kathryn Schmitz 2023
Dr Michael Stone 2023
Dr Paul D Jackson 2022
Dr Jane Dunbar 2022
Dr Ian McCurdie 2021
Dr Roderick Jaques 2021
Dr Andrew Goddard 2021
Mrs Yvonne Gilbert 2020
Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson 2019
Prof Sheona MacLeod 2019
Sir Muir Gray 2019
Dr Victor Cassar-Pullicino 2018
Prof Mark Batt 2018
Dr John R Jenner 2017
Prof W.Angus Wallace 2017
Prof W.Stewart Hillis 2016
Dr Michael S Turner 2016
Prof Sir Harry M Burns 2015
Prof Michael Cullen 2015
Prof Karim Khan 2014
Prof Charles S B Galasko 2014
Prof John B King 2013
Prof Peter J Helms 2012
Dr Caroline J MacEwan 2012
Prof Clyde Williams 2011
Prof Per A F H Renstrom 2011
Prof Peter Fricker 2010
Emeritus Prof Moira T O’Brien 2010
Dr Colin Fuller 2009
Dr Michael J Brindle 2009
Dr Dan Tunstall-Pedoe 2008
Prof Timothy D Noakes 2008
Mr James Foster 2008
Dr Malcom Bottomley 2008
Rt. Hon. Richard Caborn MP 2007
Prof David Sowden 2007
Sir Roger Bannister, CBE 2007
Mr Donald Macleod 2007