FSEM Exams

Membership Exams

The Membership in Sport and Exercise Medicine exam is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, competence, and professional attitudes required of a doctor who wishes to practice as a Sport and Exercise Medicine physician in the United Kingdom.

Diploma Exams

We run our leading Sport and Exercise Medicine Diploma Examinations annually. Each exam assesses your specialist knowledge and, upon successful completion, will allow you to demonstrate your competency within your own SEM profession.

Alongside our very popular Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine, the Faculty have also developed two new Diplomas in Team Care and Exercise Medicine, with the first sittings for both taking place in 2024.

Learn more about each and why you should undertake the Faculty’s diplomas below.

Diploma in Exercise Medicine

We want to promote a more physically active nation. This Diploma will set the standard for Exercise Medicine knowledge across the breadth of healthcare professionals, a benchmark against which both commissioners and patients can quality assure. It is not a stand-alone qualification, as it is only an assessment of Exercise Medicine knowledge, but the clinical application of this knowledge aims to improve the standard of care and help our patients become more active.

Exam Date: First half 2024 (Final date TBC)

Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine

The Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine sets the standard for MSK knowledge across the entire breadth of community care. It will support evidencing competency as a GP, GP Working in Extended Roles as well as allied health professionals working towards advanced practice roles (including extended scope physiotherapists and advanced nurse practitioners) in a range of community settings. Learn more about the Diploma in MSK Medicine.

Exam Date: First half 2024 (Final date TBC)

Diploma in Team Care

The Diploma in Team Care will set the standard for Team Care knowledge across sport and exercise medicine. Sport and Exercise Medicine, including the skills and research coming from team care or sport medicine has a large-scale application for public health and the NHS. Team care involves the medical care of injury and illness in sport and exercise.

Exam Date: First half 2024 (Final date TBC)