Other Memberships

Other FSEM Memberships

At FSEM, we offer a range of memberships, suited to anyone within SEM, at any stage of their profession. Please see below for the other available membership options.

Senior Member or Fellows

£30 per annum

If a Fellow or Member is no longer receiving an income from medicine, they can maintain their status within the Faculty as a Senior Fellow or Member.

A retired Fellow or Member will retain full rights and post-nominals and will pay a reduced subscription.

In order to become a Senior Fellow or Member, request a retirement confirmation form via enquiries@fsem.ac.uk or by calling the Faculty on 0131 603 4060.

Honorary Fellow

The Faculty awards Honorary Fellows who have made an outstanding contribution to Sport and Exercise Medicine across their lifetime or career. This category is not open to applications.

Exercise Professional Member

£79 per annum

Exercise Professional membership is open to Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors who have completed JSSERI training.