Why become a member at FSEM?

In the established field of Sport and Exercise Medicine, our full membership serves as a fantastic way to showcase your expertise. Stand out in a competitive field and gain professional recognition that acknowledges your pride in personal development and talents within Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Use of post nominals

Showcase your expertise in the SEM field with the use of our post nominals – MFSEM(UK)

FSEM’s Appraisal and Revalidation service

Ensure you maintain your status as an SEM practitioner, with FSEM’s member-only appraisal and revalidation service.

Full Voting Rights

Fellows and Members have full rights to vote to elect Faculty Council Members, as well as in other Faculty-related votes.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive access to FSEM’s monthly newsletter, bringing you the latest news at both FSEM and in the world of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Access our SEM Network

At events such as our awards night, engage with like-minded fellows and members, and build your professional Sport and Exercise Medicine network.

Exclusive Member Area

Access your FSEM member portal to build your professional profile, while also being the best way to interact with FSEM.

As a Member of the Faculty, you are also entitled to:

  • Stand for election to Faculty Council
  • Your personal FSEM Diary


Membership Requirements

Medical practitioners who have satisfactorily completed the following can apply for Membership at FSEM:

Overseas Member

Even if you are currently based outside of the UK, you are still entitled to apply for FSEM Membership, provided you meet the criteria outlined above. The pricing for overseas FSEM Membership is currently £189 per annum.