Careers & Training


Careers & Training

One of the main roles of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK is overseeing standards and training.

The Faculty works to develop and maintain career pathways for doctors in Sport and Exercise Medicine. It also plays an important part in facilitating examination, assessment and appraisal for Sport and Exercise Medicine doctors.

Membership Exam

FSEM UK Membership Exam is the specialty exam in Sport and Exercise Medicine exam is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, competence, and professional attitudes required of a doctor who wishes to practice as a Sport and Exercise Medicine physician in the United Kingdom. There are two parts to this exam, and candidates must pass Part 1 before applying for Part 2. Candidates who pass can apply for membership MFSEM (UK).

Higher Specialty Training

Those wishing to gain Fellowship, FFSEM (UK), can enter into Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Higher Specialty Training following the successful completion of both a medical foundation programme and a core training programme.

Specialty training is a four year programme from ST3 to ST6.


Higher specialty training curriculum for Sport and Exercise Medicine on the JRCPTB website