Council and Committees

Find out about the make-up of our FSEM, from the Faculty Board down to each Committee. Council meets four times a year, and develops FSEM’s policy and direction in relation to professional and clinical matters. Council also considers and acts on current issues affecting professional practice and standards. Council is made up of the 5 ex-officio, 12 elected members, and other representatives of those involved in the FSEM’s work. The Council is also supported by a wide range of sub-committees.

FSEM Structure

Here you can see an overview of FSEM’s structure, with the Board of Trustees, Council and our Committees.

Board of Trustees

The FSEM Board of Trustees consist of our Office Bearers and Lay Trustees.


FSEM Council members are elected for a period of four years. They include Members, Fellows and representatives from other faculties, colleges or organisations who play an active role in Committees, Working Parties and regular meetings.

Council meets four times in the year. View full list below:

Council Members Position Held Term of Office Commenced Term of Office Ends
Dr Natasha Jones President 2021 2024
Dr Niall Elliot Vice-President 2024 2027
Dr Julia Newton Vice-President 2021 2024
Dr Pria Krishnasamy Hon. Secretary, Chair of EDI Committee 2022 2025
Dr John Rogers Hon. Treasurer 2023 2026
Mr Kevin Boyd Member of Council Elected 2020 2024
Dr Catherine Lester Member of Council Elected 2020 2024
Dr I Stuart Miller Member of Council Elected 2020 2024
Dr Richard Seah Member of Council, Chair of Communications Committee Elected 2020 2024
Dr Andrew Hogg Member of Council Elected 2020 2025
Dr Christopher Speers Member of Council Elected 2021 2025
Dr Jim Kerss Member of Council Elected 2022 2026
Dr Rebecca Robinson Member of Council Elected 2022 2026
Dr Daniel Brooke Member of Council Elected 2023 2027
Dr Harriet Collins Member of Council Elected 2023 2027
Dr Kate Strachan Member of Council Elected 2023 2027
Dr Leon Creaney Member of Council Elected 2024 2028
Dr Alastair Nicol Representative, Chair of Examinations Appointed 2019
Dr David Pugh Representative, Chair of Appraisal & Revalidation Committee Appointed 2021
Dr Andrew Cuff Representative, Chair of Diplomate Membership Committee Appointed 2023 2025
Dr Jonathan Houghton Representative, Chair of Elite Sport Committee Appointed 2021
Professor Patrick Wheeler Representative, Chair of BASEM Appointed 2023
Dr Robert Powell Lead Dean Appointed 2021
Vacant Representative, ARMA Trustee
Dr Raj Amarnani Registrar Representative Elected 2022 2024
Dr Dan Fitzpatrick Registrar Representative Elected 2023 2025
Dr Alethea McHardy Representative, Chair of New Consultants Committee Elected 2021 2024
Dr Attar Singh USEMS President Elected 2023
Dr John MacLean Representative, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow Appointed 2015
Mr Daniel Morris Representative, Royal College of Ophthalmologists Appointed 2016
Professor Paul Dimitri Representative, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Appointed 2017
Vacant Representative, Royal College of Radiologists
Professor Julian Redhead Royal College of Emergency Medicine Appointed 2017
Dr Victoria Tzortiziou-Brown Representative, Royal College of General Practitioners Appointed 2020
Mr Robert Crawford Representative, Royal College of Surgeons England, Faculty of Dental Surgery Appointed 2020
Dr Mike Rossiter Representative, Royal College of Physicians Appointed 2021
Dr Michael Molloy Representative, Dean FSEM Ireland Appointed 2022 2025
Mr Bilal Barkatali

Representative, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh  Appointed 2023  


The Faculty oversee a variety of committees that prioritise different branches of FSEM and our aligned objectives.

Exams Committee

Chair: Dr Alastair Nicol

The Exams Committee oversees the running and development of our examinations, including Membership exams and Diploma options.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Dr Pria Krishnasamy

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee aspires to be part of a profession where everyone is equally valued and respected. In line with our commitment to improving our specialty, we want to help create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Out of The Blocks Committee

Chair: Dr Alethea McHardy

Out of the blocks is a Faculty initiative created by SEM consultants to support new SEM consultants in the first 5 years of practice.

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MSK Diplomate Committee

Chair: Dr Andrew Cuff

The Committee offers a place for existing and new members across the specialties to facilitate inter-professional learning and development.

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Exercise medicine Committee

Chair: Dr Catherine Lester

The Exercise Medicine Committee is a multidisciplinary group that oversees the running and development of our physical activity and exercise medicine agenda, including the Moving Medicine Strategy, and is committed to promoting exercise medicine for all.

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Communications Committee

Chair: Dr Rick Seah

The Communications Committee ensures that FSEM are the voice for Sport and Exercise Medicine in the UK, covering a range of important topics within the specialty.

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Elite Sport Committee

Chair: Dr Jonathan Houghton

The Elite Sports Committee have a breadth of experience and will spearhead the Elite Sport strand of our organisational strategy which can be seen through the link below.

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Appraisal and Revalidation Committee

Chair: Dr Dave Pugh

FSEM provides an appraisal and revalidation service for its Fellows and Members which is compliant with the requirements of the GMC’s Good Medical Practice framework for appraisal and revalidation of doctors practicing in the UK.

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