Two Years on: FSEM 22-25 Strategy Update (2024)

By Dr Natasha Jones, President FSEM, 2 Apr, 2024 | 4 min read

As the governing body for Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) in the UK, the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) aims to provide a strong, unified voice for the specialty that brings SEM to the forefront of the nation’s healthcare agenda.

We have made substantial progress with SEM now recognised within key government policies around both musculoskeletal health and exercise medicine. FSEM will continue to act as the upstanding voice for the specialty of SEM in the UK and keep advocating for its advancement.

At the beginning of her presidential term, Dr Natasha Jones outlined a three-year strategy based on three key principles: to grow, unite and support the specialty of SEM. This strategy encompassed both internal and external objectives, designed to drive the professional standards of SEM practices within both FSEM’s membership and the wider SEM community. Our growing and engaged membership base is vital to the progression of the specialty, acting as a passionate collective fully behind the Faculty’s vision for SEM. Externally, the Faculty continues to work in collaboration with a number of other organisations, and welcomes all the subsequent discussions based around the unified goal to further the SEM agenda.

With the 2022-25 Strategy now entering its final year Dr Natasha Jones, FSEM President, has provided her next annual update, following the 2023 Strategy Update. The full 2024 Strategy is available to download below.

Presidential Address

It is now two years into our three-year strategy, and therefore the opportune moment to reflect on the progress made so far, while looking ahead to the final stages of the initial proposal.

In 2022, we outlined a series of key goals based on three key principles:

Last month the office bearers and other trustees met for a day during which we reviewed our progress since last year, reflected on challenges and re-focussed on our priorities for the coming year. We have shared the key points with you in this document.

We are very proud of the progress that has been made and have much to thank our office bearers, staff team, committees and council for. As we approach the formation of a new college with BASEM, we continue to develop. We develop our examinations, our membership structure and our committee structures in order to reflect the key requirements of our new college. Alongside this we continue to advocate for you, our specialty and our three subspecialty pillars at every level we can.

We have an exciting and historic year approaching. There is tangible energy at the Faculty to make this happen and make it happen well. If you are inspired by what you read below and you would like to get involved, you know where to come…We are actively seeking help from all of our Diplomates, Members and Fellows.

Dr Natasha Jones,

President, Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK

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