Your voice matters. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in SEM survey

By Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, 9 Oct, 2023 | 4 min read

This survey is now closed.

As a membership organisation, our aim is to make sure there are no barriers to our members being welcomed, and their voices being heard.

Over the last year there has been an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) committee created by members of the FSEM. The objective of this working group is to develop an updated EDI strategy for the organisation that will benefit everyone, whether they are members, fellows or employees.

We know that EDI is essential to our organisation, and we want to make it a part of everything we do here at FSEM. Our members, and the wider patient population that they serve, are at the heart of this commitment. Inclusivity is key to ensuring everyone can feel welcome and represented in the organisation, and that it reflects the diversity of the society we serve.

The EDI Survey

We are asking our Members and Fellows to complete a short Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Questionnaire.

Please take the time to complete it. Getting a better understanding of our current membership and gathering this data is one of the crucial steps in this journey of culture change. You represent the specialty of SEM in the UK and abroad, and we want to hear from you!

Taking part is voluntary, but getting involved will help to:


As the future of SEM is evolving, FSEM has been working closely with BASEM to develop our EDI strategy. Behind the scenes the committee has consulted with leaders in the EDI space at UK Sport, EIS (now UKSI) and the RFU to ensure our work is in line with these organisations, and we hope to collaborate with them in the future.


We are developing a guidance document for FSEM events which aims to make conferences and events more accessible to everyone – whether a delegate, speaker, or member of staff. This includes changes to make events more accessible to new parents or those breastfeeding, people with disabilities or impairments and those of different faiths. The full guidance document can be found here.


The FSEM Exams Committee are already working on how to improve EDI policy for the faculty exams. We are working with them towards this shared goal of more accessible Diploma and Specialty exams for candidates.

Every Member counts

We need your help!

All information is completely anonymous and will be collected and stored in line with GDPR guidance. The results will be used to guide policy development within FSEM and BASEM.

If you cannot see your survey link, or if you have any questions, please contact

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your engagement in creating a better specialty of Sport and Exercise Medicine for everyone.

FSEM EDI Committee