MSK Commissioning Guidance

By Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, 20 Feb, 2020 | 1 min read

In order to assist local NHS commissioners in setting up MSK services in their local area, we have produced the following guidance to provide a template that can be used to create tender documentation.

It highlights the advantages of a Medical Specialist-led, multi-disciplinary service working closely/integrated with community and secondary care providers, in order to give the patient a streamlined and coordinated approach to their care for an MSK-related issue.

The document is intended as guidance, to be adapted as required, but is based on current “best practice” and has gathered the views and advice from MSK specialists nationally.

View or download our MSK Commissioning Guidance here.

Main Author: Dr Mike Rossiter

Contributors: Drs Graeme Wilkes, Dane Vishnubala, Chris Tomlinson, James Hopkinson

(For more information on setting up MSK services in your local area, see the Musculosketal First Contact Practitioner Services – Implementation Guide from Health Education England)