MFSEM Part 1

Important Dates

Applications Open: TBC

Applications Close: TBC

Exam Sitting: September 2024 (Exact Date TBC)


The Membership in Sport and Exercise Medicine Part 1 is a four-hour multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam. It consists of two papers which are taken on the same day. Each paper comprises of 120 questions and requires the single best answer (SBA) from four possible answers.

The marks for both papers are combined to give a total mark for Part 1.


Exam Fee: £715


Candidates must hold a medical qualification that is acceptable to the UK General Medical Council for Full or Provisional Registration or to the Medical Council in Ireland for Full or Temporary Registration.

Candidates should also fulfil one of the following requirements:

It is strongly advised that candidates also have the following:

  1. An active role in Sport and Exercise Medicine
  2. Experience in pitch side emergency care
  3. Exposure to the management of musculoskeletal conditions
  4. Experience of the use and benefits of exercise medicine

Candidates have six attempts in which to pass their Membership in Sport and Exercise Medicine Part 1 exam.