Moving Medicine Supporting hospital associated deconditioning and rehabilitation agendas

With more pressure than ever before on the NHS it is important to utilise all the toolkits we have readily available. Moving Medicine offers clinicians, healthcare workers, those in social care and senior leaders the resources they need to support people living with long term conditions, preparing for surgery or people in hospital to be more active through their consultation guides, active hospital toolkit, and active conversations.

The Moving Medicine initiative and resources offer a unique way to help change the way healthcare professionals talk to their patients, changing from a system that asks ‘what’s the matter with you?’ to ‘What matters to you?’.

Moving Medicine’s resources have been developed by a multidisciplinary team, expert patients, academics and charity representatives from the 3rd sector who have collaborated with the aim of decreasing physical inactivity. The project has benefitted from an enormous amount of clinical, academic and patient goodwill and in kind work, with a special mention to the Sport and Exercise Medicine teams, which has developed it to the success it is today and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has been involved.

Whether you are looking to implement physical activity within an existing pathway, developing your service, training your staff on motivational interviewing and behaviour change, Moving Medicine resources can help support you to do this. If you need to reduce your waiting lists and prepare people better for surgery, or endeavour to prevent hospital associated deconditioning, there is a resource to support you.