Working in Sport – Survey

This survey will close on Tues 19 October. If you haven’t yet filled it in, please share your views now.

Many thanks to all of you who completed our FSEM survey in December of 2021 – analysis of the results helped us to shape our 2022 strategy and goals.  One clear message that came out of the survey was that a good number of those working in elite sport felt somewhat isolated and in need of further support.

Supporting practitioners working in elite sport is one of the 3 major pillars of our Strategy 2022-2025 and this is your chance to shape and influence how this is achieved.  We have already consulted at length with a number of practitioners working at all levels of elite sport both individual and team.  This short questionnaire focuses on the key themes of those discussions and gives you the opportunity to have your say on issues such as mentoring, governance, social media, ethics and education.

If you have a role in elite sport, whether big or small, we want to hear from you.

Please spare 5 minutes to complete the survey and help us to achieve our shared goals.

Click here to take the survey