What to look for in an Online Appraisal Toolkit

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) has produced a handy guide for Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctors using Online Appraisal Toolkits.



  • Your nominated Appraiser will need to have access to review your documentation, two weeks before your appraisal meeting


  • If you are preparing now for your upcoming appraisal, it is best to consider an online system after this appraisal is completed


  • If you have recently completed an appraisal, now would be a good time to explore an online system so that you begin gathering your evidence in preparation for your 2015 appraisal


The FSEM has reviewed the following toolkits as part of its revalidation and appraisal process starting from £55 per year:



Premier IT


Our FSEM Appointed Appraisers have indicated that they are happy to review any online system an SEM Doctor prefers to use which meets with their own requirements.