What Can We Do to Increase Physical Activity?

This and many other questions will be asked and answered at From Plinth to Pitch the 3rd joint BASEM/FSEM annual Sport and Exercise Medicine conference held in Liverpool on the 13th and 14th October.

Sport and Exercise Medicine physicians are skilled in physical activity, exercise medicine and musculoskeletal medicine, which all have a huge application for the prevention and management of many common conditions and diseases. So How Do You Actually Get Someone to Exercise? will be a physical activity focused afternoon on day two of the conference, chaired by Dr Eleanor Tillett and Dr Dane Vishnubala.

Dr Andrew Murray SEM physician, GP and ultra-marathon runner will be taking the audience through his session What Can We Do to Increase Physical Activity?, including the practical steps doctors and allied health professionals can each take to help get more people more active more often. Andrew will share some of the ideas from medicine and the wider community, that really work, at an individual, local and national level and soon we will all be running ultra-marathons!

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