Surveys are terrible… Please take ours

Vice President Dr Chris Tomlinson talks about why we’re asking you to take part in our survey, and how your views will help us set our goals for the future

It’s likely that you are as time poor as I am, with an overflowing inbox of tasks to add to your clinical workload.

I work for the English Institute of Sport and the NHS, and at this time of year I receive multiple reminders to complete Staff Surveys – and even after I’ve filled them in. I’m often left wondering exactly what my voice adds to the mix.

So why are we asking you to complete ‘yet another’ survey, and urging you to give it as much thought as you can?

Put simply, we need to develop our strategy for the faculty, and we need your input to make sure this is relevant to you.

We know what some of our main wishes are – improving equality and diversity, building leadership within the profession, developing the role of SEM in the NHS, and aiming for Royal College status. We want to know if these are your priorities too.

Your voice matters. The faculty needs Fellows, Members and Diplomate Members with drive and passion to contribute. Hearing your opinions is just the start – we also need to know how to get more of you involved.

So please find time to complete the survey. I’ve been told a 10% response rate would be ‘good’ – I disagree. We need as many as possible of us to contribute to ensure we reflect everyone’s views.

These are exciting times for SEM as we welcome out MDT Diplomate Members to the faculty. Now is the time for us to listen to your views. Thank you for contributing.

The survey link has been emailed to all Members and Fellows directly. You can also take part by clicking the link below

Take the survey now

Dr Chris Tomlinson BM BS, MSc (SEM), FFSEM(UK)

Vice President