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Staying Active at Home

Due to ongoing measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the UK, many of us are being asked to stay at home and avoid meeting large groups of people in public places.

This is vitally important but the value of physical activity in remaining well, reducing the risk of deconditioning and preventing the worsening of other illnesses that we may have is equally important.

The public health advice remains:

If you feel well enough you can take part in light exercise within your garden, home or a safe distance from others.

In other words:

  • If you feel well – keep active
  • If you have a fever or persistent cough or severe fatigue – rest and recover

If you feel well enough walking or running in the fresh air, whilst keeping a safe distance from others, will improve your health and sense of well-being.

Exercises for Older People – Videos

If you are older or have a long term health condition, it can be more difficult to find ways to stay active. We’ve worked with Pure Sports Medicine to create a series of videos that introduce some simple exercises you can do while sitting, standing, walking or lying down to help you stay active.

View the playlist on Youtube.

Stay Active at Home

Here are a few simple steps we can all take to stay active at home:

Walking upstairs: If you have them, a quick trip up and down the stairs can be a great way to get moving

Housework: Put on some music and dance while cleaning

Standing to talk on the phone: Walking around while talking is a great way to be active without even noticing that you’re doing it

Standing during advert breaks: Getting up and moving, even for a few minutes, can help avoid sedentary behaviour

Gardening – Get out in the fresh air and get active, while staying in the privacy of your own garden

Moving Medicine Resources

Our Moving Medicine team have created a series of useful tools and resources for those who are recovering from COVID-19, including exercise programmes and much more.

The Moving Medicine website also contains a range of information, guides and resources to help people stay active at home.

Keep Active – Keep Well

Dr John Etherington CBE