Standards & Publications



The FSEM works to create and maintain standards of excellence in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) through:

A Membership Exam

Sets a national standard for doctors working across Sport and Exercise Medicine. This standard also allows those who appoint team doctors, or commission care, to identify doctors with an appropriate level of training.

 A Professional Code

A code of practice, to supplement the GMC’s Good Medical Practice, for all doctors working with teams and athletes at all levels

The higher specialty training curriculum

FSEM oversees the HST curriculum to ensure doctors who become SEM consultants are trained to the highest standards.

Assessment and appraisal

FSEM provides assessment and appraisal services to ensure doctors practicing Sport and Exercise Medicine are supported and developed throughout their careers.

Demonstrating the need for specialists

Specialists and subspecialists in Sport and Exercise Medicine have an enormous application to the NHS and public health. Our specialists also set standards of medical practice in sport at all levels.

Progressing career pathways for doctors

FSEM delivers examination, assessment and higher specialty training and supports its members to achieve excellence in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Exercise Medicine and Team Care.

Demonstrating the positive benefits of physical activity

Promoting the therapeutic use of exercise and physical activity for public health and in the prevention and management of disease across healthcare.

Engaging with governments

Engaging with the UK and devolved governments, stakeholder organisations and the wider public, on behalf of its members, to influence and change the healthcare landscape.


The Faculty has produced a number of publications for its membership and the wider healthcare profession, including evidence for Sport and Exercise Medicine led Musculoskeletal Medicine and Exercise Medicine services in the NHS.

Position Statements

Useful short, clinical and non clinical, documents for the SEM community and healthcare professionals.