Sport Duty of Care Review


The FSEM responded to this consultation in May 2016, key points included:

  • Ensuring that the appropriate medical care is available for all athletes and sports participants
  • The medical specialty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) has a large role to play in sport duty of care
  • Recognising appropriate medical qualifications and qualified SEM doctors for preventing and managing illness and injury in sport and exercise
  • Reducing risk in sport. Every sport should be responsible for collecting appropriate injury data, at junior, recreational and elite level
  • Further investment in Sport and Exercise Medicine NHS posts, providing optimal early treatment ensures a participant can continue to take part in sport and exercise
  • A strong recommendation that National Governing Bodies use external expert advice when appointing team doctors or chief medical officers
  • Support and recognition of approved immediate medical care courses in sport training for doctors and allied health professionals
  • Availability of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public places

Read our full response here – Sport Duty of Care Review FSEM (UK) Response