Secretary of State announces Revalidation to start in December

Every doctor practising in the UK will be subject to regular revalidation to help improve the quality of patient care, it was announced today by the Secretary of State for Health.

Revalidation will be run by the General Medical Council (GMC) and marks the biggest change in how doctors are regulated for more than 150 years. The scheme will be the most comprehensive of its kind anywhere in the world, and will begin in December.

The new system will be based on an annual appraisal and the information doctors will collect about their practice, including feedback from patients, doctors, nurses and other colleagues. The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges offers a range of online guidance and information for doctors, their appraisers and employers outlining how doctors in different specialties can engage with revalidation, in particular specialty guidance on the supporting information for appraisal and also guidance on remediation.

Should any FSEM Members or Fellows have queries regarding revalidation, they are advised to email the Revalidation Helpdesk ( ).