Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee – Preventative Agenda


Preventative Agenda

The FSEM (UK) responded to the Scottish Parliament’s Preventative Agenda Inquiry on the 28 February 2017, key points included:

  • An outline of the role of physical activity in population health and the impact a more active nation would have on the health of a nation.
  • Clear guidance and support for prevention strategies focussed on the role of physical activity in a community.
  • The known benefits and the role that a structured Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant (SEM) would bring to the wider clinical and social structure in the Scottish Healthboards i.e.
  • A “Physical Activity Champion”and a Sports & Exercise Medicine Consultant to facilitate understanding of the impact of inactivity on disease and population health, who can lead the wider integrated healthcare team and influence local and national governmental bodies.
  • Sport and Exercise Medicine can advise on prevention strategies that are researched and impactful (eg: ischaemic heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, mental health), providing clinical support for complex rehabilitation cases or areas such as concussion where supervision of return to work / return to play is becoming increasingly important.
  • There are also additional skills that can be utilised in the musculoskeletal  pathway, reducing referrals to secondary care, reducing radiology burdens, improving patient outcomes and access to the right person at the right time.
  • Setting up an Muscluoskeletal Medicine service to offload traditional Orthopaedic referrals is already known to save £62 – £85 per consultation.
  • Physical activity interventions are cost effective and we know that leading a more active life reduces your overall risk of many common conditions for example diabetes by 30%. Applying this to 600000 Scots at risk of diabetes, 180000 would be spared the illness by a simple intervention.

Download a PDF of our full response to the Scottish Health and Sport Committee Preventative Agenda  – Scottish Parliament Preventative Agenda Inquiry FSEM (UK) Response