Response to the Scottish Preventative Agenda

Nordic Walking

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) UK has responded to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee Preventative Agenda Inquiry, highlighting what the specialty can offer public health in Scotland.

Sport and Exercise Medicine can advise on prevention strategies which are researched and impactful, contributing towards a reduction in the risk of many common conditions, and provide skills for the musculoskeletal pathway to improve patient outcomes.

The response also refers to the medical evidence available on physical activity and its effect in the primary prevention of chronic disease and in the prevention of early death.

Read the full response on our consultations page.

Regular Physical Activity and Prevention
Disease Risk Reduction
Heart Disease 40%
Stroke 27%
Colon Cancer 25%
Breast Cancer 24%
Type 2 Diabetes 30%
Hypertension 50%
Source: A Fresh Approach – NHS North West and the FSEM UK 2011