Professor Charles Galasko Awarded Honorary Fellowship

Professor Charles Galasko was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine at the Faculty’s Annual Diploma Ceremony on Tuesday 25 October 2014. Professor Galasko received the award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the specialism of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Professor Galasko is the lead author and co-author of over 375 major publications (excluding abstracts). He has delivered over 750 lectures, many at keynote level, at national and international events. He has also led and been involved with many research projects and over time has personally raised close to £3m in funding.

Professor Galasko’s research into skeletal metastases and in the management of neuromuscular scoliosis led to the advancement of treatment in tens of thousands of patients. He developed the Manchester School of Orthopaedics and has made an enormous contribution to the education and training of surgeons.

Professor Galasko is founder member and Past President of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine in the UK and one time Chairman of the Intercollegiate Academic Board of Sport and Exercise Medicine. In 2005 Professor Galasko played a pivotal role in getting Sport and Exercise Medicine recognised as a medical specialty in its own right and became the first President of the new born specialty in 2006. It was because of his dedication that recognition of our specialty was granted.

Professor Galasko’s other career achievements include:

An advisor to the W.H.O on Epidemiology of Accident Trauma

President of the International Orthopaedic Research Society

Treasurer of the International Association of Olympic Medical Officers

Medical Officer, British Olympic Association, Olympic Games Seoul 1988

Medical Commissioner, Commonwealth Games Manchester in 2002

Member of Council and Vice President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

A Member of Council, Vice President and President of the British Orthopaedic Association

Chairman of the Association of Professors of Orthopaedic Surgery

Council member and Vice President of the Oncology Section, Royal Society of Medicine

Vice Chairman Research, the Wishbone Trust

Chairman of the Joint Committee on Higher Surgical Training (UK)

Member of Court – The University of Surrey

Medical Adviser, Vice President and Chairman of the British Amateur Wrestling Association

Medical Adviser and Vice Chairman of the English Olympic Wrestling Association

The FSEM awards up to two Honorary Fellows per year via its Members and Fellows Committee. The award of Honorary Fellow is made where there is an outstanding contribution to the specialty of Sport and Exercise Medicine throughout an individual’s professional career.