President’s Update October 2016

Sport and Exercise Medicine Professional Code Updated

I am pleased to announce that we have an updated version of the Professional Code for Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctors. This document supplements the GMC Good Medical Practice and addresses areas of practice which are unique to the treatment of individuals and teams in the sporting world.

Earlier this month, we invited all who had served on the FSEM (UK) Council over the past 10 years to our Diploma Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Dinner, we were delighted that so many individuals, who have been key to the specialty’s success, were able to attend. To commemorate our 10th anniversary all Fellows and Members will be receiving a special FSEM (UK) pin badge.

Our Patron The Princess Royal attended the ceremony to make the awards; Honorary Fellowship was presented to Dr Michael Turner and a posthumous Honorary Fellowship to Professor Stewart Hillis both for outstanding contributions to Sport and Exercise Medicine. Dr Christopher Speers was awarded the Macleod Medal for achieving the highest score in the FSEM (UK) Diploma Exam and Dr Farah Jawad was awarded the Bauerfeind Travelling Fellowship to complete research on seasonal variation in vitamin D shown through adult ballet dancers. Congratulations to all those who received Diplomas and special awards. You can view the 2016 Diploma Ceremony Booklet on our website.

Our other main event this month was the joint FSEM and BASEM conference held in Liverpool, this included the FSEM AGM. For those who couldn’t attend the minutes from the AGM, including our financial report, will be posted to our membership over the coming weeks.

Dr Paul D Jackson, President of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (UK)