Physical activity an important intervention in the prevention and control of obesity

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) UK and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) attended the Royal College of Physicians of London’s Obesity Forum, on the 9 July 2015, to discuss the importance of physical activity alongside diet and lifestyle in obesity intervention.

Both organisations attended to help put the speciality of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) in context when dealing with obesity and the illnesses connected to it:

Sport and Exercise Medicine involves the bespoke prescription of evidence-based physical activity and related interventions in the prevention and management of many common conditions, chronic disease and injury.

Dr Justin Hughes, Vice President of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, who attended the meeting comments:“There are many contributors to obesity and physical inactivity is a significant one. Increasing national physical activity levels is an important intervention in both the prevention, control and treatment of obesity.” 

In collaboration with other healthcare partners, the FSEM believes efforts to increase physical activity levels in at-risk populations provides an effective intervention for managing obesity and its associated morbidities.

The FSEM, in conjunction with the RCP produced ‘Exercise for Life – Physical activity in Health and Disease’ in 2012 illustrating exercise referral pathways across the NHS.