ORUK Research Fund 2020

Submit your application for research funding NOW!

Researchers from universities and research centres in the UK are invited to apply for funding by 7 February 2020.

Your research must have patients at its heart and should be aimed at enhancing the quality of life for those affected by debilitating bone and joint conditions. The goal is to identify challenging areas of orthopaedic research, understand the basic underlying mechanisms involved and to develop appropriate treatment and management solutions to address them.

Your research should be relevant to one or more of the following categories:

– Prevention of the onset of painful musculoskeletal disease
– Management of early-stage developing conditions
– Treatment approaches of already existing conditions
– Investigating mechanistic pathways involved in understanding disease and pain development

This call is not restricted. Any research application that satisfies these requirements will be considered.

Find out more, or apply at the ORUK website.