FAQ Emergency Care Courses in Sport

Q. If I move into football and am in date for one of the FPHC endorsed courses, when do I have to do the FA AREA refresher?

A. Each of the endorsed courses have a slightly different refresher, reaccreditation or recertification process, so you should do your AREA refresher when your course refresher would be due or within the year (whichever is sooner).

Q. I have done an emergency care in sport course that is not on the list. Is it not recognised?

A. There are a few sports courses which have not presented themselves to the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, so we are unable to grant cross recognition when they have not been through the rigorous validation and endorsement process. They may be very good courses, but because they have chosen not to be endorsed, we are unable to recognise equivalence.

Q. I am moving from football into rugby next season. Why can I not stay with the AREA course?

A. Cross recognition will allow you to move seamlessly from one sport to another, but the recommendation of all signatories is very clear; if you are to be working predominantly in one sport, you should do the course with a focus on that sport, with the added benefit of their sport-specific issues and scenario-based simulations.

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