Obesity Health Alliance


Obesity Health Alliance

An alliance of organisations concerned with the prevention and management of obesity, including the FSEM UK, has outlined its priorities for the Government, retailers and health professionals.

The ground-breaking group, launched on the 30 November 2015, includes a variety of organisations from different but related fields, including medical, nursing, charity, and public health. While similar coalitions exist in tobacco control and alcohol harm reduction, this is the first time that so many organisations have agreed to join a coalition on obesity.

The group has joined forces to urge the Government to help combat the epidemic of obesity and its costly consequences for the NHS.

Why the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine is part of this key group?

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine works to raise awareness and influence policy on physical activity as an important intervention in the control and management of obesity and its associated health conditions.

The UK CMO guidelines for physical activity in children and young people is at least 1 hour per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity, minimising the amount of time being sedentary (sitting) for extended periods. In it’s election manifesto, the FSEM called for the new Government to promote healthy, active lifestyles in children and young people by reinstating at least two hours per week of physical activity in all schools.

There is compelling evidence to support the fact that an increase in the levels of exercise can reduce the risk of developing common chronic conditions in adulthood including cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, dementia and depression.

The FSEM believes that early intervention and prevention with a culture of wellness centred around physical activity should be at the core of our healthcare system, schools and local communities, if we are to reverse the trend of obesity and chronic disease in the UK. The nation’s healthcare focus should be directed towards physical inactivity as well as lifestyle and diet to prevent chronic disease and childhood obesity.