Five Year Forward View


Five Year Forward View – NHS England

Launched by NHS England in 2014, this view sets out how the health service needs to change, arguing for a more engaged relationship with patients, carers and citizens so that we can promote wellbeing and prevent ill-health. The plan calls for ‘A radical upgrade in prevention and public health’.

Sport and Exercise Medicine and its application to the NHS

Exercise Medicine and Musculoskeletal Medicine, two key components of Sport and Exercise Medicine skills and training, have an enormous application across both primary and secondary care as an efficient and cost effective treatment option. Through leading Multi-disciplinary teams in the NHS, Sport and Exercise Medicine practitioners have the skills to help deliver ‘a radical upgrade in prevention and public health’ through the prevention and management of many common diseases and conditions. The evidence for this can be found in the FSEM (UK) NHS information documents A Fresh Approach and A Fresh Approach in Practice.

MSK Medicine

Sport and Exercise Medicine physicians are highly trained in Musculoskeletal (MSK) Medicine and can make a significant contribution to the NHS through the prevention and management of many common MSK conditions and injury.

The burden to the NHS of MSK problems is now significant, there are around 10 million adults, and around 12,000 children, with a musculoskeletal condition in England today[i].  MSK disorders now account for up to 30% of all primary care consultations and the vast majority of these cases (82%) do not convert to surgery with patients typically re-representing to GPs which is neither time or cost effective.[ii]

View our webinar MSK Training and Delivery in the NHS to find out how a Sport and Exercise Medicine led MSK service in the NHS can make a positive impact on investigations, interventions and referrals.


[i] Source: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance – What are Musculoskeletal Disorders

[ii] Sport and Exercise Medicine – A Fresh Approach in Practice NHS Information Document 2014