Moving Medicine FSEM Strategic Lead

We are recruiting a strategic lead to provide clinical leadership of the Moving Medicine organisation on behalf of FSEM (UK).

This role provides an exciting opportunity to lead the physical activity agenda on behalf of FSEM, working with an already well established and senior team-some of whom are honorary and some contracted.

This is an honorary role. The successful applicant will be co-opted to FSEM council and will be expected to attend and contribute to council meetings. The role will be for a 3 year period.

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In October 2018, the Secretary of State for Health launched Moving Medicine on behalf of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) in partnership with Public Health England and Sport England.

This project is working to spread the word about the positive effects of physical activity for the prevention and treatment of disease. In partnership with the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Nursing and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists as well as the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a large number of Colleges, Faculties and Charitable organisations, the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine have produced a series of clinician facing resources with the purpose of giving clinicians, of all disciplines and specialties, the skills and knowledge to have impactful conversations with patients about physical activity.

Moving Medicine has since developed to include hosting and leading the Active Hospital Toolkit, a clinical resource designed to provide guidance and resources to secondary care bodies interested in developing Active Hospitals.

Moving Medicine now also incorporates ‘Active Conversations’, a modular online course designed to improve the quality and quantify of conversation about physical activity between patients and HCP’s. Active conversations is now embarking on its 3rd commercial course in partnership with the Academy for Health coaching.

Since 2018, Moving Medicine has developed partnerships with a number of additional international partners, and has also developed resources for children and young people.  A new website has been developed to improve accessibility and provide international platforms for our international partnerships.

Broad outline of role:

Strategic leadership role will be a council role reporting to FSEM council and FSEM executive. The purpose of this role is five-fold:

-To Lead the Moving Medicine team including Clinical leads, Active Hospital lead, paediatrics lead, project manager, academic lead, SPR lead, student lead.

-To chair the following meetings: Moving medicine leadership meetings-bi-annual, FSEM governance meetings-bi-annual. To attend at lead one executive FSEM meeting per month to provide exec with updates

-To provide strategic leadership to the project including identifying and developing national and international funding opportunities, senior communication with external organisations including royal colleges, PHE, Sport England etc.

-To provide governance to the project including oversight of budget

-To work with the existing team to develop the immediate priorities of the project. Namely: national and international development, development and marketing of active conversations, development of active hospital toolkit, development and integration of national and international ambassador network.

Meeting schedule 



Time commitment 

FSEM Exec Meeting 


1 hour 

FSEM Council Meeting 


up to 1 day 

Project update meeting 

Monthly update  

1 Hour 

Governance Meeting 

2x  yearly, Usually on the morning of the FSEM Council Meeting in June and December  

1.5 hour 

Advisory Group Meeting 

Ad hoc (max 1 per year) 

2 hour 

Leadership meeting 

Annually – previously done on Diploma Day  

2 hour 

PHE Meeting 

Quarterly update meeting 

1 hour 

External Validation Group 

As required.  

up to 1 day 

Australia Meeting  

Bi monthly update 

1 hour 

EIM/ACSM meeting 

Monthly update chat 

1 hour