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Member MFSEM

Medical practitioners who have passed parts 1 and 2 of the FSEM (UK) Membership Exam in Sport and Exercise Medicine are eligible to apply for Membership MFSEM.

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Membership of the FSEM (UK) comes with full voting rights.

Fellow FFSEM

Medical practitioners who have satisfactorily completed the following can apply for Fellowship of the FSEM UK and/or Ireland FFSEM or FFSEMI:

A recognised Higher Specialty Training Programme in Sport and Exercise Medicine, including parts 1 and 2 of the FSEM (UK) Membership Examination in Sport and Exercise Medicine

A Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

On the UK GMC Specialist Register for Sport and Exercise Medicine.

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Fellowship of the FSEM comes with full voting rights.

Associate Member

Associate membership, at a nominal fee, is open to Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrars or trainees, medical undergraduates in the UK and Ireland with an interest in SEM, locums and associated specialists.

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Associate membership comes with no voting rights.

Why become an Associate Member of the FSEM (UK)?

We recognise that you may be interested in or training in Sport and Exercise Medicine or a related field and Associate Membership will allow you to be part of the organisation which sets standards for the specialty of SEM. You will also become part of our SEM community and receive our monthly membership e-bulletin, keeping you up to date with news, Faculty work and services related to:

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Exercise Medicine

Team Care

Senior Fellow or Member

If a Fellow or Member is no longer receiving an income derived from Medicine, they can request a retiral confirmation form via or call the Faculty office on 0131 527 1612. A retired Fellow or Member will retain full rights and post-nominals and will pay a reduced subscription.

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