Specialist Register

There are 122 Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctors on the GMC Specialist Register (as at September 2017).

Doctors whose training or qualifications and skills/experience are considered appropriate may apply for direct entry to the Specialist Register via the CESR (Certificate Confirming Eligibility for Specialist Registration) process - previously known as Article 14. 

Doctors working overseas are advised to contact the GMC directly in the first instance.

CESR Application Advice Team

The FSEM is supporting Fellows and Members currently practising in the UK and who are considering applying for Sport and Exercise Medicine specialty recognition via the CESR route, our advice team can review experience and give guidance for an application. Applicants who have ensured that their CV is crossed-referenced against the current SEM curriculum should then submit an up to date CV and covering letter for review by the FSEM's CESR Advice Team prior to the start of the CESR application process, please email enquiries@fsem.ac.uk

Please note, the requirements for a CESR application is based on Doctors either completing a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Sport and Exercise Medicine or are able to match their skills and experience to the curricula used to define the programme for UK specialist training leading to the award of a CCT in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

The following guidance is provided to aid applicants in matching the evidence supplied in their application against the curriculum for Sport and Exercise Medicine. It is not exhaustive and applicants are strongly advised to seek further guidance from the JRCPTB Equivalence team and others who have been through the application process.

Useful links and guidance

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CESR Guidance for the Sports Physician: download 

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