Subscription fees are paid via GoCardless Direct Debit, available with a UK bank or building society account. Overseas members, who don't have a UK bank account, can pay using our online payment page or arrange an alternative method of payment.

UK Fellows and Members who wish to change from their existing Standing Order to a Direct Debit can contact the Faculty office email: enquiries@fsem.ac.uk Tel: 0131527 1612

If you choose to pay by Credit card using the online payment page, there is a 2½% surcharge.



Subscription Fee

Paying by Credit Card 

Associate Member  £22.00    £22.55
Corresponding Fellow  £190.00   £195.00
Fellow  £352.00    £360.00
Fellow Overseas   £211.00    £216.00
Member  £275.00   £282.00
Member Overseas  £165.00   £169.00
Fellow or Member (Maternity leave) Please contact the Faculty office to learn more  
Retired Fellow or Member                       £26.00    £26.65



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