Application Process


The Appraisal Application Process

FSEM (UK) Appraisal Guidelines

1. Pre-requisites for an application for Appraisal

  • Diploma in Sport & Exercise Medicine (United Kingdom & Ireland) or Diploma in Sports & Exercise Medicine (Royal Scottish Colleges) or Diploma in Sport & Exercise Medicine (Apothecaries) or Fellowship of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (UK) or (RCPI and RCSI) or an approved Diploma or MSc in Sports Medicine (see FSEM website
    for approved list).
  • An up-to-date approved Resuscitation Certificate.
  • Up-to-date Certification in areas of the Applicant’s practice such as: – Ultrasound examination, Compartment Pressure Measurement, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Epidural injections or Podiatric biomechanics etc –but only if you offer these as part of the Applicant’s Sports Medicine service.
  • A job plan in which the majority of the Applicant’s employed time (pro rata) is in the field of Sport & Exercise Medicine.
  • Evidence that the Applicant is maintaining competencies in this field of Medicine.
  • The appraisee must be an upstanding Member or Fellow of the FSEM (UK).

2. Submission of the FSEM (UK) appraisal documents for Appraisal as a Sport & Exercise Medicine Specialist

  • The FSEM (UK) uses the Clarity GP Appraisal Toolkit to administer all Faculty appraisals. Appraisal meetings and documentation are administered via Clarity, please do not send appraisal documentation to the Faculty office,
  • Appraisal fees are £550.00 per appraisal, Appraisal & Revalidation fees are £1,000 and can be paid to the Faculty Office by bank transfer or cheque.

It has been agreed that originals of the Applicant’s certificates as detailed below must be provided for viewing at the appraisal:

  • The original Fellowship, Diploma in Sports Medicine or MSc Certificate
  • The original and up-to-date Resuscitation Certificate (from the approved list)
  • The original and up-to-date Certifications in the areas listed in 1(c) if the Applicant is providing these as part of their service
  • All other documents as detailed in the Checklist of Essential Supporting Information for an Annual FSEM (UK) Appraisal.

3. Processing of the Application

All processing and procedures for an appraisal are completed via Clarity.

4. Nomination of Appraisers

  • FSEM (UK) will hold a list of approved SEM Appraisers and their contact details.
  • The Faculty will assign an Appraiser to each Appraisee using Clarity.

5. SEM Appraisers

  • It is advisable to choose an SEM Appraiser who has completed an enhanced appraisal training course of which the Faculty holds a suitable list of qualified individuals.

6. Arrangements for the Appraisal

  • The appraisal meeting will be scheduled via Clarity and the date/time for the Appraisal meeting are entirely the responsibility of the Applicant, alongside a location and the facilities required for an Appraisal.
  • This may include access to a surgery or a skills laboratory. The Applicant should agree these details with the FSEM (UK) Appraiser.
  • FSEM (UK) will take all reasonable steps to ensure that an Appraisal occurs within 3 months as long as the Applicant has taken all the necessary steps identified in 6a and the Responsible Officer/Suitable Person has approved it.

7. The Procedures for the Appraisal

  • A minimum period of 2 hours will be required for the Appraisal.
  • The structure of the Appraisal will vary depending on the particular expertise of the Applicant. Therefore the Appraiser should decide before the Appraisal an agreed Agenda which should be provided to the Applicant at least one day before the Appraisal.
  • During the formal Appraisal, the Appraiser will require at least 30 minutes to agree a resume of the Appraisal paperwork with the appraise.
  • After this is completed, the Appraiser will meet with the Applicant and summarise the Appraisal, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the Appraisal.

8. The Outcome from the Appraisal

  • The Appraiser’s report will be submitted to the FSEM (UK) Appraisal and Revalidation Panel within 4 weeks.
  • The FSEM (UK) Appraisal and Revalidation Panel will consider the Application and the Appraiser’s final report.
  • Assuming the appraisal is satisfactory the FSEM (UK) will write to the appraisee’s employers informing them of the satisfactory completion of the current year appraisal.

9. The Procedures to be carried out after the Appraisal Report is issued by FSEM (UK)

  • The Appraisee may then submit their Final Report to the GMC.
  • The GMC will subsequently communicate with the Appraisee concerning their status on the Specialist Register.

10. The Appeal Process

  • An Appraisee who is unhappy with the process of the Appraisal can appeal against the Appraisal outcome only in relation to matters of process. They cannot appeal against individual decisions which have been reached by the Appraiser.
  • An Appeal must be submitted to FSEM (UK) within 4 weeks of the provision of the Final Appraisal Report and will be addressed by a senior FSEM Member who is not a Member of the Appraisal and Revalidation Panel.

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