Health Committee report puts emphasis on physical activity regardless of weight

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) UK welcomes a report released by the House of Commons Health Committee, Impact of Physical Activity and Diet on Health, emphasising that “there needs to be far greater emphasis on the benefits of physical activity and that this is independent of issues such as obesity.”  

The FSEM would like to see physical activity at the core of the UK’s health service in order to provide a sustainable solution to improve public health and the pressures facing the NHS.  The Faculty has released 8 essential priorities for physical activity and exercise medicine in a Manifesto to Improve Public Health.

Dr Roderick Jaques, President of the FSEM comments: “For too long the health agenda has been focused on weight and obesity when there is plenty of compelling evidence that physical activity has huge health benefits and can tackle many of the common illnesses associated with lifestyle and weight. We welcome the evidence in this report that physical activity can make a real difference to health, regardless of weight.

The challenge now is how we build physical activity into prevention and public health strategies and ensure simple steps are taken to encourage a greater uptake of small amounts of regular exercise for health. Screening for physical activity levels in hospitals and GP surgeries would be a welcome first step.”

The FSEM’s Manifesto to Improve Public Health can be accessed here.

The Commons Select Committee News Release and Report can be found here. 


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