Health and Social Care Wales


The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK responded to the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales on the 24 April 2017. Key points included:

  • This response contains the evidence and recommended actions for fully embedding physical activity for health into primary care, secondary care, social care and health education, giving key resources and how change can be delivered.
  • A significant increase in the pace and scale of efforts and resources to improve physical activity levels is required to ensure a sustainable approach to improved outcomes for health and social care in Wales and a ‘radical upgrade in prevention and public health’.
  • A ‘Physical Activity Champion’, a Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant in each Health Board of Wales who understands the impact of inactivity on disease and population health, who can lead a wider integrated team and influence local and national governmental bodies.
  • Investment in an Exercise Medicine Consultant to work with chronic multi-morbidity will be repaid many times over in terms of reduced hospital admissions, reduced absenteeism, reduced social support, and shorter surgical stays in hospital.
  • To deliver these services, reinstatement of Sport and Exercise Medicine training in Wales is a priority. Trainees also provide a vital role in training other branches of medicine, this is missing in Wales.
  • Partners working in education, transport, the environment, workplace settings, sport and active recreation as well as in health and social care will have a key role to play in increasing physical activity in Wales.
  • Increasing physical activity must be given equal priority to the resources and services of smoking cessation, dietary advice and addressing harmful use of alcohol and drugs.

 Read the FSEM’s full response to the review of Health and Social Care Wales.