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FSEM UK – Strategy

The Faculty’s Strategy, including its Vision, Mission and Objectives are described in the attached document. The President and Council believe that the Faculty has a critical role to play in improving the health of the nation through physical activity. The Faculty should have ambitions to become a Royal College to better support our vision.  A key element of our strategy is our novel approach of engaging clinicians and patients in using physical activity to prevent illness and improve the symptoms and outcomes of illness and injury Moving Medicine.

In summary:


Improve the Health of the Nation through Physical Activity


We will achieve this vision by:

Setting the Highest Standards for Exercise Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine and all aspects of Sport Medicine


  •  Lead the NHS Exercise Medicine Service and support enhanced physical activity in the UK
  •  Enhance NHS Musculoskeletal outcomes by demonstrating the health and economic benefits to society of using appropriately qualified SEM doctors,
  •  Support medical care across all sport by providing the highest standards of care and governance

Strategy Document