Faculty Treasurer

The Faculty’s Treasurer, Jim Foster, has intimated that he wishes to stand down from the post after presentation of the accounts to the AGM in September.  By then, Jim will have been in post for eleven years.

The Honorary Treasurer will be a fellow, member or honorary fellow and he or she is appointed by the Council as opposed to being elected .  The reason for this is to ensure that the incumbent has the necessary skills and will exercise the diligence to fulfil the role.  It is also important that the incumbent is willing to accept the legal responsibility that rests with the appointment.

Over the past eleven years most of the financial dealings of the Faculty have been automated and are administered, on a day to day basis, by Faculty staff.  The role of the Treasurer is now one of oversight and strategic financial planning.  Inter-alia this involves recommending to Council the level of subscriptions and other fees.

The Honorary Treasurer will sit on Council and will be a member of the executive management group.  He or she will be expected to contribute to the wider ongoing development of the Faculty.  In this respect prior experience on Council would be useful but not a requirement.

Although the post carries significant responsibility it is not onerous and most day to day business is conducted online.

The initial appointment is for three years after which the term can be extended on an annual basis.

In the first instance, any member of fellow interested in this position should register his or her interest directly with the current Treasurer ( 

The appropriate candidate will be selected by Council at the meeting to be held on 4th June 2020