Exercise Medicine 2014

While sports medicine gets a lot of attention, exercise medicine is a key topic that has the ability to impact millions of people. Now in its second year, the annual Exercise Medicine Conference  from the Sport and Exercise Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is designed to bring together a wide range of individuals from all areas of healthcare to discuss the important topic of exercise. The conference programme includes experts from disciplines such as epigenetics, digital health and technology, as well as behaviour, policy and education to present on how we can get more people physically active, and what best practice is for exercise medicine.

The welcome and introductions will be hosted by the President of the Sport and Exercise Medicine Section of the RSM, Dr Mike Loosemore and the President of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, Dr Roderick Jaques, will be presenting a session on Introduction to Creating Change.


  • To educate individuals about exercise and its importance for health
  • Equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge to help their patients be more physically active
  • Introduce new research in rapidly evolving fields such as epigenetics
  • Present information on key areas such as technology, digital health and behaviour and how they can impact exercise medicine

This event is for those who have an interest in sport and exercise medicine or work with people to help them live healthier lifestyles.

Date: June 20th and 21st 2014

Location: London, Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street

Expert Speakers include:

  • Professor Steven Blair – Energy
  • Dr Yoni Freedhoff – Rebranding exercise
  • Dr William Bird – Physical inactivity, a worldwide problem
  • Professor William Brown – Epigenetics and exercise
  • Dr Jack Kreindler – Biosensors and big data
  • Mr David Stalker – Turning the tide on physical inactivity
  • Dr Roderick Jaques – Introduction to Creating Change

Further details available on event website:

You can also hear Dr Mike Loosemore talk about the conference on the BJSM podcast: