Creating a Proactive Healthcare Service

Move Eat Treat Health Summit

As health and fitness enthusiasts, we instinctively know that lifestyle problems cause the vast majority of chronic disease. We can see that there is a growing burden of chronic disease in the Western world that could be largely prevented through simple but powerful changes in behaviour, such as more physical activity and better food. So what are we doing about it?

Astonishingly, healthcare professionals, who are most likely to be able to advise people on correct lifestyle advice are not taught how to do so! This means thousands of wasted opportunities every day for healthcare professionals to help their patients make choices that will keep them healthier.

Move Eat Treat is the nationwide prize-winning campaign that aims to promote the importance of preventative medicine by making lifestyle advice a core theme in healthcare education in the UK.

On the 27th November 2013 Move Eat Treat is hosting the inaugural ‘Health Summit’ at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health in London. During the summit Move Eat Treat will be generating ideas, consensus and momentum to improve the current state of education for healthcare professionals in respect of physical activity, nutrition and behavioural change techniques. The summit will bring together people who share the common goal of improving health through a proactive healthcare system.

Delegates at the Summit will include leaders from medical education, clinical practice, exercise medicine, nutritional experts, and the fitness profession. You could choose to be a part of that group, who drive the next steps towards a fitter, healthier Britain.

For more information regarding the event please visit  Early bird registration runs until 8 November 2013.


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