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The Undergraduate Sports and Exercise Medicine Society (USEMS) is a non-profit group working to promote the speciality of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) to all interested undergraduate medical students.

The USEMS Community

The Faculty hosts a webpage for each USEM Society in the UK. Find your nearest undergraduate SEM society

Undergraduate societies can also keep up to date with news and post SEM news and events on the FSEM (UK) Facebook page

USEMS Learning

The FSEM (UK) has also produced a Medical Student Exercise Prescription Booklet.

Find the USEMS Education page and Emagazine on the BASEM website.


USEMS acts as an overarching undergraduate society across the UK, unifying undergraduate SEM societies. It helps new undergraduate societies set up locally, promote regional undergraduate SEM societies and their events and it acts as an educations resource holding an annual undergraduate SEM conference.

What USEMS can do for medical undergraduates interested in Sport and Exercise Medicine

  • Centralise all relevant and important SEM information, allowing students the opportunity to become active within the field without having to wait until their postgraduate studies.
  • We know there’s a lack of SEM education in undergraduate medical curriculum, so we’ll look to provide resources over a variety of mediums and formats.
  • Detail careers and support the FSEM (UK) training pathway and curriculum.
  • Use our contact base to offer shadowing experience in SEM.
  • Organise annual one day courses.
  • Involve students with SEM blogging, research, audits, athlete screening programmes and public health initiatives.
  • Help develop Student Selected Components and assist students in planning electives in SEM.
  • Maintain strong links with the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, the British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine (BASEM) and the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)
  • Provide a platform for students across the UK to network with each other and SEM professionals.
  • Liaise with companies and conference organisers to gain larger discount admission for students at SEM events.

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