Careers & Training


Careers & Training

One of the main roles of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (UK) is overseeing standards and training.

The Faculty works to develop and maintain career pathways for doctors in Sport and Exercise Medicine. It also plays an important part in facilitating examination, assessment and appraisal for Sport and Exercise Medicine doctors.

 Membership Exam

The FSEM (UK) Membership Exam is the professional standard for Sport and Exercise Medicine practitioners and those doctors with an interest in Sport and Exercise Medicine, it leads to membership MFSEM UK.

Higher Specialty Training

Those wishing to gain Fellowship, FFSEM UK, can enter into Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Higher Specialty Training following the successful completion of both a medical foundation programme and a core training programme.

Specialty training is a four year programme from ST3 to ST6.


Higher specialty training curriculum for Sport and Exercise Medicine on the JRCPTB website


Further information

The FSEM has provided key input into the British Medical Association (BMA) document Information Resource for Doctors Providing Medical Care at Sporting Events.

Consultant Physicians Working with Patients provides comprehensive information for healthcare commissioning and service organisation of 28 medical specialties within the UK. A useful resource for the NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), hospital trusts, regional advisers, specialty leads and individual doctors, as well as government departments and leading healthcare bodies.

Fellows and Members of the FSEM (UK) can use our SEM Appraisal and Revalidation service.