USEMS/FSEM 2023/24 Essay Competition



Please write your essay in the form of a journal editorial on the following topic:

 “The effects of doping in sport are more than physical



Eligible applicants: 

  • Undergraduates (medical, physiotherapy, allied healthcare professionals) enrolled on a healthcare course at university in either England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland on the closing date
  • Recently graduated (within 2 years e.g. foundations doctors/equivalence) 



The successful applicant will benefit from the following: 

  • £100 prize
  • A one-day BASEM conference ticket
  • Mentorship from the FSEM to support the winner to publish their editorial piece (e.g., in BASEM Today).



Please email your submission to by 31st January 2024


Submission Email 

In the body of the email please state the following: 

  • Full Name
  • University
  • University course and year of study/date of graduation
  • Undergraduate or recent graduate status
  • Employer (if graduated)
  • Contact details (email and mobile)

Please attach your essay in a word document or PDF format.

Please label your essay with the topic title but you must ensure that your essay and filename do not contain your name, or any other identifiable information. The competition administration team will rename the files so that marking will be anonymous. 

Guidelines and Requirements: 

  • The essay should be in the style of a journal editorial. An editorial is a piece of writing that expresses the opinion of the author on a topic of public interest. It usually aims to persuade the readers to agree with the author’s viewpoint or to take some action (see here)
  • Formatting should be Times New Roman, font size 12, maximum word count 800 words (excluding title and references)
  • A maximum of 3 tables, graphs, or images may be used, although they are not essential
  • Quotes should be identified within “ “ and appropriately referenced
  • No more than 8 references
  • Reference format is Vancouver (number superscript)USEMS Essay brief and mark criteria 23-24
  • Keep the title short and succinct to attract the readers (max two lines Size 12 font).
  • Sub-headings are recommended.
  • Include total word count at the end
  • All submissions will be double-marked according to the marking criteria below
  • We will aim to release results as soon as possible.

Download the full submission guidelines and marking criteria here.

Organised by the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the Undergraduate Sports and Exercise Medicine Society