Birmingham University Sport and Exercise Medicine Society

President: Thomas Gower and Zoe Chandler

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Twitter: @BUSEMS_

Facebook: Birmingham University Sport and Exercise Medicine Society (BUSEMS)

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Promote networking, discussion and exchange of ideas between students interested in SEM

Improve the undergraduate awareness of SEM as a specialty

Increase the awareness of the health implications of physical inactivity and consider how this may impact our future practice

Give students the opportunity to learn from external professionals

Identify appropriate training courses and experiences available in the local field and nationally

Previous Events

What is SEM all about and what is the career pathway?

Football Medicine in the 21st Century

Pushing the boundaries-where to draw the line? (Endurance sports and doping)

Screening, monitoring and profiling elite athletes

Traumatic Brain injuries in the Rugby world cup

Performance Nutrition: From paper to plate

Adolescent and Paediatric Sports Medicine