Better Performing Injury Resistant Athletes

How do we develop better performing, injury resistant athletes? Craig Phillips, Clinical Pilates Founder and Director of DMA Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy Australia, will be presenting a model already being piloted to achieve this at ‘Hear the Dragon Roar’ Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference on the 12 and 13 November 2015 in Cardiff. Craig’s keynote speech will cover:

  • The growing interest in motor control training has seen an increased demand for effective tools that match the athlete.
  • What is being discovered is many instances where this motor control is beyond conscious recruitment.
  • The focus on strength training as a performance enhancer demonstrates instances that lead to deterioration of performance and increasing injuries.
  • Achieving a balance between these two differing areas is the next holy grail of sports performance and      injury minimisation.

During his presentation, Craig will draw conclusions from the pilot about strength training and functional movement control co-existing to produce better performing, injury resistant athletes.

Hear the Dragon Roar, the 2nd joint Annual Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference is hosted by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) and the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK (FSEM).

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