AoMRC Trainee Representative

AoMRC Trainee Doctors’ Group Representative 

Candidate Statements 

The Faculty is seeking to appoint a representative to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Doctors’ Group. Trainees will be contacted and asked to vote for their preferred candidate. Statements from both candidates can be viewed below.

Romila Bahl 

I am a part-time trainee in SEM (ST6) and am putting myself forward to represent SEM trainees on the Academy of Royal Colleges (AOMRC) trainee group.  The AOMRC trainee group has members from all the Royal Colleges and Faculties and works to provide a balanced and informed view on training issues for any college or faculty registered trainee.  SEM training is certainly unique both in terms of pre-existing experience and scope of training.  Pathways and processes set up for larger specialities may need adapting for smaller specialities and I would look to reflect the opinions and experiences of the national group of SEM trainees, especially important at this time of curriculum change. 

As much as I would like to do the role and can bring balance and in-depth knowledge of the structure of medical training, I know that Sam would also be an admirable representative. 

Sam Botchey 

My name is Sam Botchey and it would be an honour to represent you all as the FSEM Representative on the Academy Trainee Doctors Group (ATDG) of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC). 

I am currently and ST5 Trainee in Oxford and I feel I am well placed to take up this role for the 2-year term. 

I am passionate about our specialty and keen to ensure we promote exercise medicine and musculoskeletal medicine to colleagues representing all of the other medical specialties in the UK. 

Previously, as an emergency medicine trainee I was an executive member of the Trainees Association (EMTA) and regularly advocated for the views of my fellow trainees in committees with other specialties. 

AoMRC is in a position to collectively influence and shape healthcare in the UK, and ATDG takes the lead in this work by identifying issues that affect all trainee doctors. 

The incumbent representative ensured our views were heard in relation to the effects of the pandemic on our training and progression. 

As the ATDG seeks to be recognised as the voice of doctors in training, in my capacity as the FSEM representative I will ensure not only that the SEM Trainee opinions are heard, but that any issues affecting us are prioritised. 

I have close links to trainees and supervisors from all regions and am keen to work alongside the FSEM Council Representatives and SAC Chair to ensure the SEM trainee voice matters.