Faculty Council

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine is governed by a Council of Fellows and Members, who work to lead the Faculty and the specialty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM).

The Faculty Council is made up of individuals from across the SEM spectrum and representatives from other key Faculties and Colleges, all of whom are experts in their fields. There are 34 members of Council, including 5 members in our Executive Council below.

Executive Council

Paul Jackson  

Dr Paul Jackson, President  


Email:  president@fsem.ac.uk  


Justin Hughes  Natasha Jones

Dr Justin Hughes, Vice President   


Email:  vicepresident@fsem.ac.uk

Dr Natasha Jones, Vice President


Email:  vicepresident@fsem.ac.uk

 Alastair Foster

Dr Alastair Nicol, Honorary Secretary


Email: secretary@fsem.ac.uk 

Mr James Foster, Honorary Treasurer


Email: treasurer@fsem.ac.uk




















Past Presidents


Dr Roderick Jaques



Professor Mark Batt    


 Mark Batt    

Professor Charles Galasko         


 Charles Galasko    

Council Committees

All of our Comittees are Chaired and run by members of Council, click on the links below to see each Committee remit and Chair.

Appraisal and Revalidation Comittee

Appeals Committee

Clinical Advisory Committee

Consultant Appointment Advisory Commitee

Education Committee

Examinations Committtee

Members and Fellows Committee

Specialty Advisory Committee

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