Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation


The FSEM (UK) responded to this Department for Media Culture and Sport consultation in October 2015. The response focuses on the sections of the consultation most relevant to the FSEM’s strategic objectives.


Physical Activity

Elite Sport

Our key points and recommendations were:

  • A centrally coordinated campaign to encouraging an increase in physical activity participation, including sport, that unites bodies and people across the UK and encompasses the CMO physical activity guidelines.
  • Funding for GP physical activity assessment and education, education of all Health Professionals in physical activity and exercise.
  • Deliver long term sustainable change through, value for money, therapeutic sport and exercise medicine services in the NHS.
  • The prevention and management of chronic disease – increase access, for those identified as high risk, to physical activity interventions and exercise medicine.
  • There is a shared responsibility for the government and the NHS/medical profession to enable further evidence to be created on the benefits and health economies of physical activity.
  • The FSEM fully supports the work of the NCSEM to ensure the continued sustainability and growth of this valuable national medical and science resource for Elite Sport.

Read our full response here – Sporting Future Consulation FSEM Response

The Outcome

In November 2015, Sporting Future – A New Strategy for an Active Nation was released by the Department for Culture Media and Sport and Tracey Crouch MP.

The cross-government strategy aims to “tackle head on the flatlining levels of sport participation and high levels of inactivity in this country” and includes a five page section on physical activity in which Sport and Exercise Medicine and “its use within the NHS and wider public health practice” is a key part of its deliverables. Read the Sport and Exercise Medicine deliverable on page 29.